The most expensive football world cup in Qatar: 17 lakh crores will be spent, fighter jets in security

The FIFA World Cup will start in Qatar from 20 November. 32 teams will play in it. It is expected that 1.5 million football fans will reach Qatar to watch the tournament.

FIFA and hosts Qatar will spend Rs 17 lakh crore on the World Cup. This is being said to be the most expensive World Cup in football history. 24 fighter jets will be installed in its security.

Security: Fighter jets worth 65 thousand crores bought

In 2017, Qatar signed a contract with Europe’s largest security company to buy 24 fighter jets and 9 state-of-the-art Hawk Mk-167 training jets for Rs 65,000 crore. Apart from this, helicopters and their safety equipment have also been purchased from different companies only for the World Cup.

Britain’s 12 Typhoon Squadron will be stationed in Qatar’s security. Britain will also provide Qatar with special security for its 2012 Olympics. The National Security Center of Qatar will monitor the country through drones, CCTV, and sensors. There is also talk of sending security personnel from Morocco-Pakistan to Qatar. The countries of the NATO organization have also come forward to provide training and VIP security for these troops.

Service during the tournament: Volunteers from 160 countries training for 1300 hours

More than 20,000 volunteers have been busy in Qatar for the World Cup since two months ago. These volunteers are doing more than 1300 hours of specialized training both online and offline. These people have come from more than 160 countries and gathered in Qatar. Among them are people in the age group of 18 to 77 years.

According to FIFA, it has received about 4,20,000 applications for volunteering for the Qatar World Cup, out of which 58,000 people were interviewed after the first screening and 20,000 volunteers were selected. These volunteers do not get any salary for this, but only accommodation and food are arranged by FIFA. These volunteers will work in different departments in at least 10 shifts in different stadiums.

Luxury Amenities: Alcohol-Free Beach Resort, Every Convenience Available

England players will stay at an alcohol-free beach resort during the tournament. While the German team will stay at the wellness retreat. The Belgian base will remain a water park. Most teams like Belgium, and Portugal will stay around the capital. In August, FIFA revealed the World Cup Venue. He gave each team several options for where to stay. After that, the teams had selected the venues.

  1. The England team will be staying at the Al-Waqra Hotel in Al Waqrah, 10 miles south of Doha. This 5-star resort is close to the sea, but players will not be able to consume alcohol during their stay here. He chose this venue because 8 out of 10 venues of the tournament are close to it.
  2. The Wales team will be based in Doha’s Delta Hotels city center, which will be open until October. There is an on-site spa, swimming pool, fitness center, and Spanish restaurant.
  3. The resorts of Belgium are quite exciting. This resort has a theme park on Hilton Salva Beach. It has a water adventure park with 54 rides, scuba diving, and go-karting.
  4. The German team has chosen Julal Wellness Resort, which also offers various health treatments.
  5. The defending champions France will be staying at the Al-Mesilla Hotel in Doha, which is famous for its Arabian-style design. Its one-night fare is 1.5 lakh rupees. It also has 30 private pools.
  6. Brazil chose the Westin Doha hotels, which are an average of 17 minutes drive from almost every stadium. This city center hotel has four restaurants, three swimming pools, a fitness center, and a spa.
  7. Argentina and Spain have chosen Qatar University’s modest accommodation options, but have training grounds around them. There are 52 food and coffee bar options on the premises.

The cheapest ticket for the stadium is Rs 5,600

The whole world is trying to make the World Cup in Qatar a success. At the same time, the fans may suffer due to the tension between the broadcaster and the hotels. Fans who will reach Qatar to enjoy the World Cup, if they do not get a stadium ticket, then they will not be able to watch the match even sitting in a hotel room on TV.

Hotels in Doha have refused to pay FIFA’s official broadcaster B-In channel in Qatar about Rs 22 lakh. The channel has demanded this amount from every hotel and bar to show the match on its channel to the visitors. This will also affect stay-homes and rented apartments.

This means that fans coming from outside will be able to watch the match either in the stadium or in the fan park, not in the hotel. The cheapest ticket for the stadium is Rs 5,600.