5 things men do notice during sex

There are certain things that men notice and enjoy during a sexual encounter between them are the looks and the way you move.

Many times women worry more about what their partner will think of them and their performance in bed, although men usually do not pay attention to details such as cellulite, a few extra pounds or a pimple that reduces security.

However, according to best sexologist in Delhi, there are some aspects of sexual relationships that gentlemen do pay attention to and even help them have a more pleasurable encounter.

These are 5 things that men do not overlook during sex:

1. The initiative

There is nothing more exciting for a man than to feel that his partner has the same desire, or more, than him to have sexual relations.

The cited magazine invites women to take the initiative and control of the situation. You can surprise your partner by ripping off his clothes, throwing him on the bed and getting on top of him, if this is not common you will make that encounter unforgettable.

2. Your moves

It doesn’t mean that you alone have to move around and do all the work, however, it doesn’t help if you’re hard as a board and showing no interest in the act.

It is recommended by sexologist in Delhi that you also do your part, enjoy it and seek your satisfaction and that of your partner through movements that please you and him.

3. Your look

If you are looking at the ceiling, paying more attention to the television or constantly checking your watch, you will make him think that you are not having a good time and you want everything to end.

According to Cosmopolitan, looking into his eyes or observing his body can give a touch of sensuality to the encounter. They enjoy it more if they see you enjoying yourself too.

4. Your mouth

It is not only recommended that you stimulate him with kisses or soft bites, it is also important what you say in his ear. You are allowed to give him some directions and use bold words. Anything that adds more fun and pleasure to the moment is worth it.

5. The little details

Although some men are distracted, most will appreciate it if you wear some sexy lingerie, if you wear perfume or if your intimate area is shaved. These details will give a special touch to the sexual encounter and will make it unique and unforgettable.

According to the aforementioned media, security at the moment of being in the sexual act with someone else is the key to having a very special encounter, so preparing for this occasion is very important.

Do not worry about aesthetic issues that will not be decisive when making love, but if it helps you to fix your hair, shave, wear makeup and some erotic clothing, do not hesitate to do it.