Blocked contacts on WhatsApp: What happens if they are both in a group?

WhatsApp has many features that are fantastic, and without a doubt being able to block someone is one of the best, so you can stop receiving messages from people you no longer talk to and don’t want to know anything about or companies that bombard you with advertising spam.

Whatever the reason, blocking a person on WhatsApp is something that you have surely done on some occasions.

What happens when you block a person on WhatsApp?

Blocking a person on WhatsApp or on social networks is very common today, and in the case of this messaging application, it is enough for one of the two to block so that you can no longer see the profile information, statuses, ” online”, “last time” nor, of course, send messages in private chats.

When you block a person on WhatsApp, the question often arises as to what happens to the groups in which the two are members if their messages will also be blocked there, so we clarify a few things on this subject:

  • A contact that you have blocked can read your messages in any group in which both are members, the block affects only on an individual level.
  • You will also be able to see all the messages that this person sends in the groups in common.
  • This contact will be able to reply to your messages in the group mentioning you, but only through the group, they will not have the option to “Reply in private”.
  • One thing that isn’t possible is for you and that contact to be part of a group video call, no matter who starts it or how many people are on it.