What To Do In Case Of Urinary Incontinence?

Starting to notice that you are leaking urine can be a difficult process to accept. It is, mainly, because of the stigmas and lack of knowledge that exist about this problem. This leads many women to suffer from urine leakage in silence and to limit their lives to adapt to it. Without a doubt, a serious mistake.

Today we want to dedicate this space to sharing information about urinary incontinence and giving some recommendations to convey security and confidence to all women who are going through this moment.

Eliminate all fear and negative thinking from your head

Urinary incontinence, although you may not think so at first, is a very common problem among women of any age. As we have mentioned, this problem carries many stigmas and there is little information about it. Fears and insecurities especially take hold of younger women who begin to experience urine leakage. Among other aspects, they associate this problem with older ages, feel ashamed and mistakenly believe that something is wrong with them. It is true that the chances of suffering from urinary incontinence increase with age. But the possibility of suffering from it is present at any age and can be due to multiple factors.

Another very common thought that takes over the minds of women who suffer from urinary incontinence is that, from that moment on, their lives will change. Let us clarify that no! Fortunately, there are many methods to improve and solve this problem. Put all fears and negative thoughts out of your head and take action. Your problem has a solution and it is in your hands to find it.

Go to a professional

Going to a professional is a vital and necessary step to improve or solve urinary incontinence. Only a urologist in Noida can study and evaluate each particular case to attack the root of the problem. On many occasions, urinary incontinence is an indication that there is another problem. Therefore, it is important that the first step is to go to a professional to locate what is happening in time.

On the other hand, it is the best urologist in Ghaziabad who will be able to identify the best solutions for each case and what habits each woman must incorporate to experience improvement.

Focus all your attention on the pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is, unfortunately, one of the great unknowns of human anatomy. And most cases of urinary incontinence are due to it. One of the consequences of having a weakened pelvic floor muscle is that it is unable to perform its function: support and maintain the lower part of the abdomen (bladder, uterus, rectum and intestines) in its correct position, producing, among other aspects, the urine leaks.

Solution? Strengthen your pelvic floor. There are many ways to exercise it and some of them: practising sports such as yoga, which notably strengthens the abdominal area, performing Kegel exercises, and doing hypopressive gymnastics…

Modify your habits

Although urinary incontinence can be due to multiple aspects, it is true that there are risk factors that can worsen the problem. Some do not depend on us (generic issues, family history…), but we do have in our hands the possibility of changing others to experience an improvement. What are some of them? Limit the consumption of drinks that irritate the bladder (such as caffeine or alcohol), reduce excessive consumption of liquids or, for example, avoid physical efforts that require a strong impact.

Research, read, discover

Researching your problem is a good way to learn about it, get rid of many fears and insecurities and discover the existing methods to solve it. One of them is tampons for urinary incontinence.

Tampon for urinary incontinence problem is simple to use, painless and effective from the moment it is placed. It is a vaginal tampon made with medical material that does not cause any harm to the body. From the vagina, the tampon exerts pressure on the urethra, giving it the support, it lacks to stay closed and prevent urine leakage. As simple as that.

Be consistent

To finish, we wanted to make it clear that, if there is a key aspect to ensure success in your process, it is perseverance. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, for example, is, like strengthening any other part of the body, a job that requires time and perseverance. You must also be patient to integrate new habits into your life. By doing so, you will soon begin to notice very positive changes.